• “If I ever get the opportunity to open a new mine I will put all SMC electric’s in.”
    Chevron Mining
  • Why do you purchase SMC Electrics? “Good quality, service, and previous experience”
    Patriot Coal
  • How is SMC to work with? “Good to work with, never had anyone hesitate to help with electrics.”
    Patriot Coal
  • “When I was putting in this mine there was no question whose electrics I would be using for the Longwall.”
    Arch Coal
  • “Quality and craftsmanship is outstanding”
    “SMC is flexible to work with” – International Coal Group (ICG)
  • “I have had good experiences with my dealing with SMC Electrical since the 1990’s. I hope to continue these experiences in the future. The equipment and support have always been top of the line.”
    Cliffs Resources
  • “BECKER SMC has a product that is no doubt second to none, but what stands out to me is the service and support we receive from you. It is really great to see people that take pride in their job and product; we don’t normally see this from other companies. Thanks again for all your hardwork and dedication.”
    Chevron Mining
Welcome to Becker SMC

Becker/SMC was originally established in 1971 in Huntington, West Virginia. From the beginning, Becker/SMC focused on quality products and service to meet customers' needs. Becker/SMC designs and manufactures electrical components, open-type and explosion proof motor starters, longwall electrical controls and power distribution equipment for a variety of industries.

Featured Product: Lever Action Circuit Breaker Connectors

You asked us to develop a way to supply a smaller amperage protected circuit when the most convenient outlet is on a higher amperage breaker and this is our safe, cost-effective solution to that problem.
We’ve adapted our popular Lever-Action, line mounted housing to accommodate the Cutler-Hammer line of F-frame, mine-duty circuit breaker products. The connector comes in our standard 300 Ampere or 600 Ampere configurations with male contacts. They are “dustite” with a pilot circuit and dust cover just like our regular Lever-Action connectors.
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